ENA 8 Touch Massive Aluminium

Jura ENA 8 Massive Aluminium koffiemachine

Small, stunning, simple

The superlative new one-cup machine: small, simple, stunning – a must for all coffee lovers and connoisseurs. The ENA 8 impresses with speciality coffees that are freshly ground, not capsuled. And thanks to the variety it offers at the touch of a button, it is sure to delight even the most discerning palates.

Ordered before 5pm, delivered on the next working day
€ 1.499,- (incl TAX)

Includes starter kit with cleaning tablets and filters.

The vast expanse of land. Mountains and hills. Snow envelops everything in a soft, white blanket, making colours disappear. The trace of a shadow calls to mind a topography. Far away, perhaps, the expanse of the sea. This is the world of complete purity, clarity and texture and the colour world of the ENA 8 in Nordic White.

Color options
Metropolitan Black
Massive Aluminium (This page)
Nordic White

Water tank capacity
1.1 liter

9.4 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)
27,1 x 32,3 x 44,5 cm

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